Sachin Tendulkar reveals why he hasn’t seen his son Arjun play as yet

Sachin Tendulkar reveals why he hasn’t seen his son Arjun play as yet
Sachin Tendulkar reveals why he hasn’t seen his son Arjun play as yet

Sachin Tendulkar reveals why he hasn’t seen his son Arjun play as yet

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has opened up on why he does not watch Arjun’s matches, saying that he wants his son to have the freedom to fall in love with the game.

Arjun Tendulkar is currently a part of Mumbai’s Ranji Trophy squad, and he was also bought for Rs 30 lakh by Mumbai Indians in the IPL mega auction.

“Fathers and mothers, when they watch their children play, they get stressed and that’s why I don’t go and watch Arjun, because I want him to have that freedom to fall in love with cricket – to stay focused on what he wants to do, I don’t go and watch him play,” said Sachin during an episode of ‘In-Depth with Graham’.

“He has to stay focused on the game. Like I didn’t like anyone watching me. Even if I go and watch his games, I’m hiding somewhere. He doesn’t know that I’m there, and nobody knows, neither does his coach, or anyone,” he added.

Further talking about Arjun, Sachin said:

“Neither of us forced Arjun to start playing cricket, he was into football, and then he loved playing chess. Cricket happened later on in his life.”

Virat Kohli handed Tendulkar a special gift during Master Blaster’s final Test against West Indies at the Wankhede Stadium in 2013, and Tendulkar explained why he opted to return it.

“Oh, I still remember it. I had just returned to the change room and I was in tears. Till then, I knew that yes, I am going to retire but when that ball was done, I said to myself… ‘Ok, that’s it. Never ever in your life, you will walk out on the field as an international player for India’. So I was sitting in one corner alone with a towel on my head and wiping tears. I was really emotional and couldn’t control my tears. Virat came to me at that time, and he gave me the sacred thread that his father had given him,” revealed Sachin.

“I kept that for a while and returned it to him… told him it is priceless. This has to stay with you. This is yours and no one else’s. You should have it till your last breath. And I gave it back to him. So that was an emotional moment… something that will always be with me in my memory forever,” he added.

Tendulkar has etched his mark in history as the ‘best batter of all time,’ and he has earned the moniker of ‘Master Blaster.’

Tendulkar retired from international cricket in 2013. But he still holds the record for most runs scored in both Tests and ODIs. He also holds the record for most international centuries registered.

Tendulkar inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame for the sixth time in 2019. At the age of 16, the 46-year-old made his debut for India and quickly became the country’s favourite cricketer.

He scored 34,357 runs across all formats, putting him 6,000 runs ahead of second-placed Kumar Sangakkara, a former Sri Lanka batsman.

The Master Blaster has also served as a coach for the Mumbai Indians of the Indian Premier League.