IPL 2022: ‘Was very excited when got to know I will be playing for my home state’ says Hardik Pandya;

IPL 2022: 'Was very excited when got to know I will be playing for my home state' says Hardik Pandya;
IPL 2022: 'Was very excited when got to know I will be playing for my home state' says Hardik Pandya;

IPL 2022: ‘Was very excited when got to know I will be playing for my home state’ says Hardik Pandya;

IPL 2022: Hardik Pandya was not retained by the Mumbai Indians for the IPL 2022 season. But it was a homecoming for the great all-rounder, who was picked by the Ahmedabad club for a stunning INR 15 crores. Hardik Pandya, a Gujarati cricketer, is excited to be playing for a team from his home state.

“To be very honest I was very excited when I got to know I will be playing for my state. It is my home state where I was born and brought up. And it is going to be an exciting and new opportunity for me. Because I have always played as a player who wanted to take up a lot of responsibility and ownership of things. When I do things and now when I have got the opportunity, I want to create some nice culture where all the players get equal opportunity– one for all and all for one,” said Hardik Pandya told ANI.

Hardik Pandya’s move to another team means he’ll be up against his former teammates Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, and Kieron Pollard from the Mumbai Indians.

“It is a new pamphlet, a new legacy for us. Obviously I am very lucky for having played in Mumbai Indians where I learnt a lot from being a new kid coming to the IPL to now getting an opportunity to lead a team. It has been a dream for me and I am grateful for all the opportunities and chances given by the people,” he added.

Hardik Pandya will not only play for Ahmedabad, but will also captain the team, and being a Gujarati, he will be considered a local guy. The 28-year-old has been a standout in the limited-overs format for both Mumbai and Team India, and is currently captaining an IPL side.

“The feeling is surreal to be honest. I have never imagined as I have said multiple times. If I look at 2015 what Hardik was and what Hardik has been now. It has been a journey where I never would have told people that this would have ever happened. As a player it has been a learning curve in everything in my life. Playing and learning new things from all the senior players. And becoming a senior player to a guy to whom people come. And started asking questions and now getting a new role. It has been a beautiful journey and I am very grateful for everything I have got. And the journey does not stop now, it continues. It is a new phase and new turn to the life which I am very excited about,” said the India all-rounder.

The India all-rounder said that he is excited to play for Ahmedabad but he will miss Mumbai Indians:

“First I will say not just him but just as a franchise point of view. And players point of view it was a tremendous journey for me. I mean a lot of things but everything I have got through Mumbai Indians. I have played India through Mumbai Indians. A lot of things in my life has changed playing for Mumbai. Franchise wise, I have been very grateful to every guy who was there to contribute. Or to help me to get better as a cricketer. And yes I will miss it but now a new role is there and as they say, the show must go on.” explained Hardik Pandya.

Hardik Pandya has been out of action since November 2021, following the 2021 T20 World Cup, due to a back ailment, and has also been undergoing rehabilitation. However, the good news for all of his admirers is that he has returned to training. And is working hard every day to regain his full fitness.

“Just getting fitter, healthier and looking after all the parts. That I need to work at or look after, in a very nice space right now. Training hard, not taking anything forward, taking day-by-day. And focusing on a lot of new things which is a nice thing. Or getting up early doing two sessions in a day. It is nice and healthy,” he said.

Hardik Pandya will be leading an IPL team for the first time. And he will be leading a franchise that will compete in the IPL for the first time in 2022.

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